US Military – Upcoming Elections, what is at Stake in Egypt

Huffington Post

The Daily Beast



Grounded with Ryan Dobson – The Dangers of Hooking Up

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk – Parenting Teens:  Loneliness

Dr. Tim Clinton Life Love and Family Radio – ALONE:  Finding Connection in a Lonely World

Bob Smithouser Plugged In ONLINE: Media and Teenagers

John Stonestreet BreakPoint – The Lonely Generation



Trusting in a Divine Plan | May 5 from Smoky Hill Vineyard on Vimeo.

FEAR – Preached at First Baptist Church Durango

ALONE – Preached at New Hope Durango



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  1. Andy, I am just becoming familiar with your ministry today. I could not be more on board. I am looking for resources and/or answers, (HELP!) with my single-parenting (widowed) journey of two adopted girls now 10 and 12. My 12 year-old has the dialogue of a 19 year old and is currently vehemently rejecting God, (daddy died, where was God then?) All this to say, I am trying to connect with her without my guts pouring out every time as she is so ANGRY. When are you speaking in California and what resource would you recommend? Are there a group of parents (we are in San Diego) that are familiar with and on board here with what you are doing/saying? THANK YOU. Laura W.

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