My career can be described as one of gratefulness and adventure.  I’ve traveled the world learning what it means for people to believe, behave, and belong to various communities.  It’s my hope and desire to continue working to help people come together in business, education, and social work to achieve a common understanding of the human condition.  Whether through the public sector, the academic sector, or the private sector; I’m committed to helping serve people to realize their dreams.


  • Oxford Center for Apologetic Research – 2007
  • Denver Seminary – 2002-2006
  • Baylor University – 1993 – 1997

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  1. Hi Andy,
    It was great meeting you yesterday. I am truly sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to watch your presentation. As promised I checked out some of your info and I am impressed by what you have accomplished and how you are driven by your passion and beliefs. I especially enjoyed your blog entry on leadership. Our perspective matches up with yours on the idea that leadership isn’t about being in the lead but more about your willingness to serve based on the beliefs and values you “follow”. Thank you for hanging out for a portion of the my presentation. That was greatly appreciated. I look forward to future opportunities to read or see your materials. You are the real deal. And that is so refreshing in a profession which often values flash over substance. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Ty. Great meeting you, and super funny dude. I was rolling over there in the corner when you were talking about hiding in the shirts at the department store. You’ve got some great talent man. Thanks for the kind words, and likewise, it was great meeting you. If we can ever work together, lets figure that out!! Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Andy
    I really enjoyed our very brief meeting and conversation. As I reflect; I thought it was so cool that I did not know you or what you did. As we talked I found out that you had a powerful mission that we did not speak of. There were two conversations going on. The first, in words, was an exchange of curious notions about the state of our country. The second, in thought and spirit, was about the times we live in. In any case I do hope we can continue the conversations, for I was enlightened. BTW I just watched a Charlie Rose video of an interview with two NYU professors; sociology disciples perhaps. Bruni and Hiadt. Think about the peanut allergy analogy.

    Neil from Boston

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