It’s crazy to think, School is about ready to start up again.

It seems like just yesterday kids were running out of the last class, and moms were happy to have the kids home for the summer.  But as the months wore on, the kids got bored, and moms and dads are ready to get back in the rhythm of the fall school schedule.

Many of our friends are heading back to University. They’ve got their classes all lined up, their living arrangements secure, and they’re ready to get College life back on track.

But for many, this fall has fallen into the abyss of insecurity.

So many college friends are finding anxiety to return back to the grind of college life.  They’ve decided their majors are insignificant, life is just coming too fast, and they need a break.

And that’s why we created THE KIVU GAP YEAR, JUST FOR YOU!!

If you’re ready for a semester off, a travel abroad program, an internship program, and an intentional community life, come check out our work at The KIVU Gap Year.  It may seem like you’re just taking a little time off, but what if you’re actually preparing your life for the future you’ve always wanted.

We have co-horts in Denver Colorado, and Washington DC.  We travel to Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.  With over 25 years of student experience, our team at The KIVU Gap Year is ready to facilitate a program that suits your needs.  We’re not a one size fits all program.  We’re actually a client driven program to help you fashion the time away from school just as you would like it.

So if you’re thinking about exploring another way of doing life…
If you’re not sure about returning to the University…
Do us a favor…

You can check out all our social media feeds, listen to our podcasts, visit the website, and come on over to a place where you’ll feel right at home.

What are you waiting for?  The KIVU Gap Year is ready for you!!

Let me know what you think

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