The debate between nature and nurture is one that is inexplicably complicated.  Are we who we are because we have the genetic code, personality, and built in skills that allow us to do what we do?  Or are we a compilation of experiences leading us to have opportunity leading us to who we become?

As the President of The KIVU Gap Year, I can answer only by own experience and with the thousands of students I’ve worked with over the years.

It’s a little of both.

There’s no doubt I’ve seen students come through our program with the natural giftedness of leadership.  But I’ve also witnessed hundreds of students who want to know what leadership means and how to engage in their communities.  All they need is a little mentorship.

If I might take a long look at the landscape of our national leadership and feel confident about the number of actual statesmen in our government.  I have a unique look at the Congressional Leaders on a day to day basis, and I can tell you there are some GREAT men and women serving our country in Congress.

But if you feel, like I do, we could help to shape and mentor the next generation to be leaders of our nation, we must invest the time and energy today.

That’s why The KIVU Gap Year is launching a Washington DC program in the fall of 2018. We are inviting students to come to Washington and intern on Capitol Hill, live in Community together, and learn what it means to be men and women ready to shoulder the mantle of statesmanship.

This isn’t a partisan program.  We are not advocating for policy issues.  We are showing students both sides of the aisle, and what it takes to be a leader within their own convictions.  We want to help students see the process of legislation, walk closely with men and women who are actually leading well in the government today.  We want students to know the importance of living in a community together while learning how to step out, stand up, and serve.

If you’re interested in coming to DC this fall, be sure to check out The KIVU Gap Year website, and know, we’re in the business of serving those who will ultimately serve us all in the future.

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