It’s been ten years providing students with a global travel experience with The KIVU Gap Year.  We have taken students to India, China, The Philippines, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Germany, and England.  We have domestic programs all over America, and our goal is to help prepare students with a host of internships and relationships in their field of study.

This time of year is the time we see many students looking toward the fall semester with a feeling of disdain.  They’re not super excited to go back to the University life, and they know deep inside there is a world out there waiting to be explored.

If you have a bit of travel lust, and you want to come with us to experience and explore the world, check out The KIVU Gap Year.

We help students graduate with:

  • 30% Higher EQ scores on average
  • 25% Higher Cultural Intelligence Scores
  • The ability to graduate university in 3.25 years
  • 900 hours of internship experience
  • A network of thought leaders in their field of study
  • A passport full of memories
  • A community of people who see the world as a giant community to be explored and connected to.

If you, or someone you know, want a personalized individual experience that helps you have ways to couple your knowledge base at the University with real life exploration; come join us.  We are on the move, and we’re building the “Best in Class” Gap Year program to help students, families, and companies have a stable of students who can function with a large world view.

See you soon.

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