Ten years ago The KIVU Gap Year began with a clear vision.  The mission was to help today’s high school and early University students see the world, increase their cultural awareness, and prepare them for a lifelong vocation.

Over the last ten years, we’ve seen our students enter University with focus, intention, and the ability to master concepts many of their peers don’t understand for years.

Through our work with the University admissions people, we know how convoluted today’s applications can be.  Every student has a high grade point.  Every student has high test scores.  Every student reports some leadership something they’ve tackled in High School.  And every single application looks the same.

If you want to stand out, you need to add real life experience to your CV filled with actual description and relevance to the world today.  For example:  If you want to stand out you need to be able to master concepts.

This year the KIVU Gap Year, is launching a semester on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  Students will live together and work as interns in Congressional Offices in the U.S. Government.  They will be able to observe domestic and international policy decisions being made on various topics.  They will have access to meet with Congressional Leaders and learn from today’s Representatives.  They will have access to a global city with leaders from almost every country in the world.  And when the semester is over, our hope is to see students focus on various issues they will go back to the University to increase their knowledge base of public service.

Imagine what it would look like to enter an admission office and be able to talk about Appropriations of the U.S. Government.  Or what it would be like to explain current issues America is  dealing with from a framework of experience accompanied with theory?  This program is perfect for the students who are looking to beef up their resume, experience a unique view of American government, and build a network of relationships for the future.

This semester is KIVU’s first all hands on deck co-hort to help invest in the lives of students who are interested in being leaders in our country’s future.  We are excited to provide a semester in DC for you and help prepare you for whatever vocational choices are in your future.

If you’re interested in joining us, be sure to to to http://kivugapyear.com and our team will help walk you through the process to join us in Washington DC this year.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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