When I travel the country and talk with people about the effectiveness of Washington DC policy makers, I hear a lot of different questions and opinions:

  1. Why can’t they get anything done?
  2. Where does the vitriolic partisanship come from?
  3. Is there anyone on Capitol Hill of good character?
  4. They’re just up there getting rich while we’re out here working to live.
  5. Do they even care about serving the people, or are they just serving the government institutions?

If you’ve ever asked any of those questions and you want to see change, we have a few options to approach public service.  A.)  We can just wring our hands and give in to whatever government is and the way it functions.  or B.)  We can all engage and take up the mantel of serving our country.

While many of us aren’t in the phase of life to actually engage on a day to day basis, we do have other options that might help raise up a generation of new leaders who can see Washington DC through a different paradigm.

I find that many people who move to Washington DC for any length of time get the “belt way” disease.  They get invited to high end gatherings, meet with powerful people, see the money that flows through the central government; and all of the sudden they start serving the institution rather than serving the people they are supposed to represent.

What if we developed a short term infusion where students interested in public service got a short semester view, and then went back to the University to work on the actual issues of policy making?

What if we got developed  an intentional student  training program where we could teach and train the next generations of leaders to see how important it is to remember the people they serve, and be made aware of the trappings of the behemoth of government that tends to shift the way people think?

The KIVU Gap Year is taking a stab at the answer to a long historical problem.  We are launching the newest chapter of our Gap Year program for University students to ENGAGE in public service.

Fall 2018, we are accepting applications for students to live on Capitol Hill, intern in various congressional offices, and live in a community dedicated to working through policy issues that will help shape their thinking for the future.  Then…100% of them will return to University life and prepare for what would be a life of service either in the public space or private business.

If you’re interested in helping invest in the future of America, and you want to come and experience a semester on Capitol Hill, be sure to visit http://www.kivugapyear.com, and our team of professionals will help you walk through the process of getting a semester in DC on your resume.

I hope to see you this Semester.

Let me know what you think

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