The KIVU Gap Year is a “Best in Class” Gap Year for students who are interested in experiencing a time away from formal education to work on a resume of internships and connect with global leaders in their field of study.

This year, we’re launching a formal Washington DC Co-Hort where students will have the chance to live on Capitol Hill, Intern for various Congressmen, and live in a community dedicated to teaching cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, and a high level of activities with a global city right here in America.

To Date:

  • 100% of the KIVU Gap Year students go on to higher education
  • KIVU Gap Year students graduate with 900 hours of internship experience
  • Much of the tuition is Tax Deductible as KIVU is a non-profit education institution
  • The KIVU Gap Year is accredited by the American Gap Association
  • Students who graduate our program graduate University on average in 3.5 years instead of the national average of 5
  • Gap Year programs are endorsed by many major institutions including Harvard and Princeton
  • Gap Year students have proven to have a renewed sense of confidence and discovery in life’s goals
  • AND…they hae a lot of fun along the way.

If you’re interested in taking a Gap Year this fall, be sure to check out, and watch our videos, listen to our podcasts, or contact us for more information at

We are looking forward to hosting you in our newest chapter in Washington DC in the fall of 2018.


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