Most of you know of my work in the Middle East.  Developing Relationships is such a vital role in going forward, and the upcoming 2018 Presidential Elections will be an important event to reaffirm the relationships between the United States and Egypt.

On the docket are…

  1. The ongoing fight against terrorism in the region
  2. The reformation of Islam to address radicalization
  3. Human rights in the region
  4. An important partner in the Israel/Palestinian conflict
  5. A shift in the global power structure with Russia, Iran, and the United States

For those that are interested, I Co-Authored an article on US that provides some insights to what’s actually going on and how this election will effect the issues mentioned above.

If you’ve got a few minutes today, click on the link, comment, and share.  This is a BIG ONE and will have tangible reverberations throughout the conversations about Middle East Policy.

And…Mr. President…I know you’re reading this today, so feel free to add this to your list of REAL NEWS.


Let me know what you think

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