I’ll never forget where I was…

Standing in the living room, holding my newly born daughter, prepping to take my son to preschool, watching the confusion reported on the news, wondering what in the world was going on in New York City…

Soon came the news, it was a well orchestrated plan, birthed in the dark shadowy places cloaked in religious zealotry, setting the world on fire from that day until this…

The streets of New York once vibrant with the sounds of cars honking, people yelling, and millions hurrying to their next appointment; turned silent.  No one honked.  Hands were extended to neighbor.  It seemed like in the face of tragedy came the best of us.

While the memorials will go on today to honor those who died on 9-11-01, I will choose to remember them, and choose to remember the best of us.

While tragedy continues to move in on America, from Texas to Florida over the last few weeks; I’ll choose to focus on the good of neighbor helping neighbor.  I’ll highlight the homes being renovated by community.  I’ll celebrate the heroic stories of service to another.  I’ll not focus on the dark, but choose to focus on the light.

We are better together.

On this dark day in American History, may we be a people who can rise above the tragedy, and know what it means to lock arms together as a whole human race.

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