The Christmas Taliban is at it again.  To save us from the un-thinkable notion that Christmas is actually a season for everyone, and the “good news” brought for the entire earth; the crazies are out in force to “Make Christmas Great Again.”

  • The Santa Claus Boycott – Well, if you haven’t seen this one yet, let me enlighten you.


Evidently the Mall of America in Minneapolis hired a Santa of Color this year.  According to the New York Daily News, Larry Jefferson donned the big red outfit as the only African American Santa among thousands of Santa Claus impersonators to bring a little holiday cheer this year.  But after hearing about the new Santa Claus, the online comments on the Mall’s website had to be shut down.

One person even wrote a comment online which said, “”Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America. Maybe they should change their name to MALL of RAGHEAD LAND.”  Well there you have it.  The Tali is in full force in Minnesota.

  • The VA threatens to Throw away the Tree


According to the Washington Examiner, a Veterans Affairs employee in the Philadelphia office wrote an email marked Importance:High when it was communicated that a small tree with ornaments in a cubicle was set to be taken and tossed aside.

The Christmas Taliban came out in force since the VA is a federal institution, and of course this communication was seemingly  doing away with this stanchion of Christmas.

As the fake news has taken on popularity in Social Media, the Tali failed to tell the world the email was a follow up e-mail to removing some of the clutter in personal spaces and actually was giving the owner time to claim the tree as to not simply leave the clutter in the office building.  But hey…who’s dealing in facts anyway.  It’s a war out there.

  • Hillsboro Oregon Bans Santa All Together


According to local news in Hillsboro Oregon, the school district has an all out ban for “Santa Claus.”  The teachers received a memo that asked them to divert from decorating for Christmas as they received many complaints from parents last year that felt uncomfortable with the amount of decorations as they entered the school.  To be fair, the teachers were encouraged through a local contest to see who could decorate for Christmas the most.

The news did not report the fact that the administration didn’t “Ban” Christmas, but actually was acting out of the respect of many other families in the school who don’t celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter though, because the WAR IS ON.  Am I right?

How ridiculous have we become?  The War On Christmas?  Really?  From Starbucks cups that don’t say Merry Christmas anymore to Meagan Kelley’s famous video about how Jesus and Santa were White; to me there’s something wrong with all this.

Christmas is a celebration of the good news of Jesus.  I know, I know, the purists out there will point to the lies about the north pole fairy, the pagan celebration of pulling a tree into your home symbolizing the god of fertilization, and the lights….OH THE LIGHTS.

Don’t you think it worth considering to celebrate Christmas much like the founders of Christmas celebrated?  An understated story of two immigrants who couldn’t find a home, giving birth in the bowls of a manger, to reveal the “good news” of the Kingdom of God that has come to the Universe seems a far cry from the racist bigotry of an African American Santa.  (Not to mention Jesus was probably brown, the wise men were probably from Iran, and the Shepherds didn’t give a thought or a penny about Black Friday.)

I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, but when the rhetoric becomes about standing up for something that just isn’t true to save a story that didn’t ever happen (Santa Claus) we’ve got a real problem on our hands.  The season has turned into a greed filled gift giving glutinous celebration of everything Jesus stood against.  So if you really want to have a war on Christmas, maybe take a note from a dedicated man who knew a thing or two about wars.


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