At the risk of getting totally obliterated by those of you who know Noam Chomsky’s historical road of activism, you HAVE TO SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY.  I hear my friends saying, “How did we get this far in our political process?”  And others crying, “How did we get so divided?”

Well, for those of you who study political science, and are interested in how a democracy falls apart, check this out.

Of course this isn’t an endorsement for everything Noam Chomsky has ever written, said, or stood for.  But I did watch this entire film with a keen eye for what’s going on in our government system.  With ideas like the morality of business, the kindness of humanity, the division of of the masses, and the ruling class in America.  It’s very enlightening.


If you’ve ever want to see someone put words to something so clearly going on in our culture, and may help put some framework around why the political system is falling before our eyes.

In any event, I’m all for education.  I’ll read anyone with any ideas.  You may not agree, but it sure would be a good dinner party to sit around the talk about what Mr. Chomsky is proposing with his top 10 Requiems for America.

Let me know what you think

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