A few months ago, I was in Washington DC working with leaders from around the world.  I met a wonderful lady named Danielle Saint-Lot.  Danielle, a former Minister of Commerce, is now working as an Ambassador at large for the Republic of Haiti for Women’s Empowerment.    We had a wonderful breakfast meeting talking about the future of Haiti, and how she was working to empower the women of Haiti to rise up, create new programs, and give the women of Haiti the tools it takes to re-invent the way women operate in the small nation to our south.  (Click here for her foundation)

After our meeting, we’ve connected a few times via e-mail trying to figure out how to connect what she’s doing in Haiti with young women here in America.

And then a week later Hurricane Matthew hit.


We watched as the storm tore apart one of the poorest nations in our hemisphere.

I tried for a couple of days to contact my new friend, and after the power was turned back on, Ms. Saint-Lot asked me, “I have started a crowd funding campaign called RISING UP HAITI to provide early recovery help to female smallholder farmers in devastated communities of Southern Haiti.  Thanks in advance for your contribution and for spreading the word through your networks.

You, the readers of The Journey,  know I hardly ever use this platform for any program, any social giving, or any links to any of my friends; BUT I’M BREAKING MY RULE.


Of all of you, the 75K people who read this blog, would you consider clicking on my friend’s link?  https://www.gofundme.com/womenforhaiti

Would you consider sharing this blog with your friends?

Would you consider helping the women of Haiti through my friend’s unbelievable vision to help the farmers and the women who lost so much?

Any contribution is welcome.

Let’s start helping the people on the ground of Haiti to rebuild the future for women in our neighboring country.

Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/womenforhaiti

And in advance, I thank you very much in helping the women of Haiti.


Let me know what you think

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