This weekend was the celebration of the last day of summer for the kids of Summit County Colorado.  School started today with much of the new parents lining up early to get their little chicks in the building.  As well as the old parents who were hard pressed to even stop the car before the door flew open and the student rolled out on the sidewalk.  “See ya!” the old parents shouted from the cars while their hands were in the air praising the LORD.  And the new parents were seen with mascara stained faces of letting their little one’s go out into the big bad world of life.  (We get it parents.  It’s tough!)

But one of the non-traditional schools that started this weekend happened up here in Breckenridge, Colorado.  The KIVU Gap Year welcomed our 7th class to their orientation week.  We fill the week with activities climbing high mountains and biking world class biking trails, and prepare the students through sessions including safety, partnerships, social media, and foreign home stays.

This week is so fun, because we get a chance to engage with another group of students who will be privy to see the world in a totally different way.  They’ll see different cultures, different demographics, different religions, and different ways of looking at the world.  They’ll learn what it means to connect with other people at a human level, outside the world of social media.  And ultimately, they’ll be the one’s with the greatest ideas to solve the world’s biggest problems.

I was doing a session with them yesterday, and it was clear, many have no idea what they’re about to engage in.  Some think they’re just traveling the world for a year.  Others think they’re on a pro-longed Mission Trip.  A few are at least honest enough to admit they’re a little anxious and scared for the next few months.

But if you’re interested at all in the transformation, be sure to check out  We’ll have they’re blogs up online in a few days, and I promise it will be better than any reality show you’ll watch on television.

Just a little @KIVU Gap Year reflection in the Mountains


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