Remember that old song?

Hello muddah, hello faddah,
Here I am at Camp Granada.
Camp is very entertaining,
And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining!

I’ve been involved in helping to teach and trying young people for the last 20 years through Summer Camping programs.  I love the old school cabins, the old dining hall, and the activities around a fire at night.  But let’s be honest.  Times change.

Today’s student spends more time chasing Pokemon through the streets than biking a new single track trail through the woods.

Today’s teenager has had the access to some of the nicest facilities in the world, and so when they actually have to “rough it” the state of the union of the facilities can often shade the experience of a student going to camp.

Well, this last week, I experienced what could be…

We took several students on a glamping trip here in Colorado.  We stayed in a nice home with real beds.  We ate real food prepared individually.  We went to the city and stayed in a hi-rise apartment building.  And we let all the students stay connected with their phones.  (Of course when we were teaching we asked them to put the phones away)

It was so fun!!

The bathrooms and showers were like the showers at home.
We had the chance to hang out like normal people.
The activities were on par with every camp setting I’ve ever been in.
And in the end, the students rated the glamping trip higher than any of the summer camp experiences I’ve provided in the last decade.

So I hear you.

KIVU Nation: From here on out, we’ll be working on summer trips, fall retreats, and spring ski trips where you can come out and do KIVU in a modern way.  We’ll still be working with students from 13-18 and staff from 19-25.  We’ll still provide top notch adventures, compelling discussions of faith, and a whole new way of getting to know people from all 50 states and around the world.

And you can be sure, we’ll work a little KIVU Gap Year program in when we go to the city.

In any event, I just wanted you to know how fun this last week was with the students who were here.  We’ve got some big plans for you in the future.

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  1. Our daughter has not stopped talking about her experiences at Camp Kivu this past week since we picked her up at the airport. The new friends, the hiking, the very different people she met in Denver all made a HUGE impression on her. The new self confidence we see in her is truly amazing! Thanks for the wonderful job you do with these young people.

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