For 15 years we ran a beautiful 500 acre youth camp outside Durango Colorado.  Last year we decided to move on and provide more opportunities for older students to travel the world and get an pre-University education through The KIVU Gap Year.

But something was missing….
You can’t just leave a 15 year old project without feeling a sense of obligation to the students who were with you for a lot of that time.
Families trust KIVU.
Students rely on KIVU for a connection to friends and faith through the summer.
So, this year we decided to test a week of Camp KIVU meets KIVU Gap Year in Colorado.

We offered a trip to the first 20 students interested in coming to Colorado during the summer to hike, bike, raft, swim, and do the outdoor camp stuff.  And halfway through the adventure part, we took the students to Denver to preview what we do to integrate our faith in the real world.

They’ve been working to meet our friends in the city.
They’re working on what it means to put faith into practice.
They’re learning what it means to be a learner in real life, finding uncovered stories in the hearts of other people they may never have had the chance to meet.

For example, the other day, we were in a coffee shop in Breckenridge Colorado and we struck up a conversation with some of the people sitting at one of the tables.  We showed the students what it looked like to smile with someone, listen to someone, and develop a short moment of human connection.

I know that seems like it should be an easy skill that everyone should master, but you’d be surprised how many people just walk through life with their head down, their headphones in, and move from one destination to another.  The skills it takes to look at someone in the eye, listen to someone else’s story rather than your own, and contribute to a conversation that’s deeper than where the closest pokemon go character is; well, it’s just not normal in today’s youth world.

We’ve had a BLAST this week, and will for sure offer more weeks where students can come and learn what it means to live like Jesus while exploring the beautiful outdoors.  If you’d like to schedule a week in Colorado with KIVU, you can just e-mail me at, and I’d love to put it together for you.  We’ll stay in resort style accommodations, and we’ll have plenty of fun.

Stay tuned for more opportunities with KIVU.  We’re super excited to continue the legacy of KIVU with youth both here, and around the world.

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