For the last week, I’ve been traveling through Southeast Europe with some leaders from here in America.  Their mission is unofficial, but their message is clear.  Everywhere we stop, the leaders encourage their parliamentary counterparts to start meeting together IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  

It’s not a religious thing.

It’s not a political thing. 

It’s not a social thing. 

It’s a Jesus thing.  

Jesus told his disciples the greatest commandment is to “Love God and Love Others.”   He didn’t come to start a religion.   He didn’t come to start an organization.   He didn’t come to create another way to come to God.   He came to represent Emmanuel “God with us” and give us a vision of a life God wants us all to embody.  

He ate with sinners.  

He healed the terrorists. 

He fed every day man.  

He even taught disciples how to think in a world that elevates the self, to think of ‘the other’ higher than you think of yourself. 

So when I see US Congressmen and Women committed to following the principles and teachings of Jesus, and sharing those principles with conservatives, liberals, greens, and radicals; I see leadership.   

From Serbia to Bosnia, Croatia to Ukraine, I’ve witnessed some amazing ideas about Jesus as leaders begin to meet together, pray together, worship together,   and break bread (eat together.)

I truly believe the only way to challenge the dark days of the future is within this idea that we can love our neighbor, love our enemy, respect each other’s dignity, and give ribs community. 

Fortunately for me, I got a first hand up close glance this week, and it was pretty awesome. 

I’ll share more tomorrow.  

Let me know what you think

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