Happy 19 to the girl on the swing
Who never flinched when it was time to jump
She smiles O so wide
And shows the world –  a new side
Of life, they most likely forgot

Happy 19 to the girl who took a chance
On a knucklehead actor with charm
They walked down the aisle
With dreams arm in arm
Ready to tackle this life like a dance

Happy 19 to the girl who stood tall
When life turned left instead of right
The dreams of easy bliss
Left betrayed coins and a kiss
And she stood strong in the face of it all.

Happy 19 to the girl I love so
As she matches her whit with her smile
I never laugh so hard
Watching her cheat playing cards
And love fills my heart for a mile

Happy 19 from a guy who’s amazed
You wake up each morning with passion.
Your love’s never wained
You’ve always remained
My  favorite little girl on the swing

It was 19 years ago today we walked down the aisle with all those dreams of happiness.  Nobody told us marriage was going to be full of such wide swings from high mountains to low dark valleys, but who can blame them, right?  Marriage is hard.

It takes work.
It takes commitment.
It takes selflessness.
It takes loads of forgiveness.

But all in all, the sum total is pure joy.

We have something interesting going on here.  Now in the top percentage of survivable marriages, I admire you more each day.  You’re strength is your attraction.  You’re selflessness is your charm.  You give until there’s nothing left to give, asking nothing from those around you.  And you’re the best friend I’ve ever known.

I’m thankful for the 19 years with you, and look forward to seeing what adventures lay around the corner.  As long as we do it together, I’m in.

Happy Anniversary

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  1. …beeyouteafull, indeed!!! And may the race to #20 find you crossing that finish line together…taking some deep breaths…and continuing on……..until…forever arrives at your door. Extra thanks-filled for you two, individually and together. In this year to come, may you both be surprised by the joy that lasts deep in your personal souls and in the soul of your marriage. Know you, and yours, are loved and cared from from here………..!!!

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