Congratulations!!  Graduation is one of those milestones in life where you can look back on a journey culminated to accomplishment.  You did it.  You made it.  And as the graduation parties begin to fade into the blurry memory of yesterday, what comes next?

Summer Job?
College or University?
Trade School?

I know there are thousands of students looking forward to their orientation date with their accepted University this summer , but I’m now getting some interesting calls.  Students are finished with the last semester pressure of “getting in” their school, and are now wondering if it was the right choice?

Can I do a Gap Year if I’m already enrolled in College?

Of course.
It’s a Free Country.
You can do whatever you want.

The worst decision in life is to sense that feeling down in your gut that you need to explore the world a little bit, but you feel tethered to a decision that seems un-breakable.

Colleges know this.  That’s why they have waiting lists.  You won’t let anyone down if you decide to take some time away from the Academic Calendar in pursuit of a little more experience in life.  In fact, many Universities love the idea.

So if you’re interested in doing a Gap Year, and you’re already enrolled, the term is Deferred Enrollment.  Just talk with your college admissions counselor and see what the process is to keep your spot for next fall.

What Gap Year is Right for Me?

Listen, we all have certain goals to reach out and attain in our Gap Year.  There are outdoor Gap Years, Education Gap Years, Social Justice Gap Years, and of course, you can always come over to the KIVU Gap Year for an intentional international experience.

My advice:  Take your time.

There’s no rush in deciding, as Gap Years traditional don’t start until the fall.  Do your research, and ask good questions.  If you have the opportunity, connect with an alumni from the Gap Year you’re looking for, and ask them how their experience was.  You can learn a lot from people who have already taken the leap to get out there and experience the world in a different way.

Will I fall behind in school?

Probably the biggest question from parents is, If my kids take a Gap Year, isn’t it harder for them to engage back in the Academy?  What if they decide not to go to College?  The proof is really in the numbers.

According to our program (12 years in the making), of all the graduates of our Gap Year, 100% of the students have engaged in some form of higher learning.  Whether they decide to defer their enrollment to the college of their choice before the Gap Year, or they decide to go to another; the statistics show overall, they are able to graduate from a 4 year institution in 3.75 years.

So even though it appears counter intuitive, the reality of the situation is most students who take a Gap Year are better prepared and more focused on their higher learning goals after a Gap experience.

It’s never too late to join the movement.  You’ll be in the trend if you consider a Gap Year before University.  It’s a movement building, and there’s no evidence it’s going to slow down.

I hope this is helpful.

Let me know what you think

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