Most of you know I’ve been involved in youth work for the last 15 years.  Working with students in formal youth groups, mentoring students one on one, and running a summer camp for students has been a joy.  I love hanging with students and hearing how they see the world, forming the questions that will ultimately form their future, and contributing to ways they can be all they were created to be

So since I’ve moved to Breckenridge Colorado, I’ve been involved in a small youth program called Summit County Youth (SCY for short).

Over the last six months I’ve witnessed a community of people who love and care for the well being of students here in Summit County.  They reach out to create programs, small groups, and intentional relationships to nurture an environment of love and care.  After all, even though our culture places a high value on sports and academics; the people we remember through our lives are the those who took the time out of their own busy schedules to tell us we are valuable.

Maybe it was a teacher who took a little extra time to convince you that you were smart
Or maybe it was a coach who tapped into your athletic potential by taking some time to encourage you.
Maybe it was an older sibling, or a family member who you connected with.
No matter who it was, we all have that person who allowed us to come ALIVE and have hope.  We knew if our world fell apart, they would be there to support us.

Well, last night I witnessed one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a long time.  The group at SCY took some time to write “Thank You” letters to people in the community.

We met at our SCY house and planned out a strategic way to tell members of the community that we are thankful for them.  We wrote notes to thank the employees at the breakfast joint we use to meet before school.  We wrote notes to the nurses and medical staff at the local hospital.  And we even went so far to write a huge poster to say Thank You to the people working at the local emergency management office (the 9-11) crew, just to say we appreciate all the work you do to keep our community safe.

After writing notes, we all piled up in cars and delivered the notes personally.  And after I got home, I got this from the local dispatch crew:


What a GREAT message to the community.
What an incredible way to help mentor students to see a “bigger picture”
What a message to say, “we can think of others more highly than ourselves.”

Thank you to all of you in Summit County who see the value of encourage students to live outside the world of what’s right in front of them to reach out and spread Goodness.  We are thankful for your generous giving, your encouragement, your time, and your willingness to invest in the lives of students.

We’ll be working all week encouraging students to Love Others well in town.  We call it THE GOODNESS EPIDEMIC, and you can read more about it on our website (

And who knows…

Maybe this is the beginning of some little spot in the country that can find goodness just for the sake of being good, instead of bowing to the self centered world we all tend to live in.

Let me know what you think

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