Traveling the world has never been easier.
Buy a Ticket.
Hop on a plane.
You can be most places in less than 20 hours.

But surveying the way the world is spinning today can be quite confusing and disorienting.  So many of us, when we travel, have high expectations to see, to smell, and to laugh (and take Instagram pictures) because memories are made of these new exotic things.  But when we reach down deep into the well of human existence we find real people, working on real problems, dealing with real human issues.

Take our students in the Holy Land today, for example.

They’re living with families.
They’re eating local foods.
They’re asking all the right questions.
They’re being exposed to the dichotomy that exists in the world i.e. PERCEPTION vs. REALITY, and it’s blowing their minds.

In two weeks, they’ll head to Amman Jordan, where I’ve been setting up some VERY interesting experiences for them.  The Team in Jordan are some of the brightest young professionals I’ve ever met.  They’re interested in sharing culture and experience.  They’re unwavering in their devotion to helping Americans see the Middle East and create a place where bias and uncertainty can be met with friendship.

When you get right down to the human-ness of this region

The Middle East is experiencing economic hardships.
The region is volatile from so many angles.
Religion is undergoing Reformation.
Human rights are being exposed in so many ways.
But beneath it all are the people.  Human beings that want to live the same life you want to.

Seeing another human being in the image of his or her creator is the essence of peace.  Dwelling with one another, breaking bread together, and drinking a lot of tea while having meaningful conversation…this is probably the only way to begin truly forming bridges that will last.

It takes time.
It takes energy.
It takes risk.
But in the end, we can live in a world isolated by our own fears, or stretch out to the world and offer hope.

May we be a people who can embrace the hope in us.
May we see the good in another.
May we forgive well, and offer grace in abundance.

Let me know what you think

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