Can you remember far enough back in your life when you were a teenager?  Remember what it was like to feel insecure about what you wear to school, what parties you were supposed to go to, or what friend group you wanted to hang out with?

Remember the moments of uncertainty, and that thing in your soul that just wanted to hide from the world and run away from Middle School or High School because you felt like you didn’t fit in?

Or what about that time your team lost the ‘big’ game and you felt like a complete failure?

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve all had those moments when we reached out for someone to listen to us, someone to tell us life was going to be ok, or someone to just sit with us and help us know we’re not alone in the world.

Last year we decided to move to Summit County in Colorado, and the first thing I wanted to do was connect with student organizations in town.  Most youth workers agree, once you work with students it’s just “in your blood.”   There’s a sense of vitality, a great sense worth when you reach out and help a student reach their potential.

We quickly found this organization in the area called Summit County Youth (SCY for short).  SCY is a group of people who just want to reach out to the community and help students find a safe place to hang out, offer mentoring to those who want, and create an environment where students can ask good questions about what it means to live well.  The mission for SCY is to encourage students to “inspire students to live BIGGER and love Better.”  And what could be more awesome than encouraging students to Live and Love.

For the last several months I’ve worked on creating relationships with the students in town, helping the staff with ideas from my 20 years of youth experience, and just serve.  And you know what’s happening?

Students who would be hiding in the shadows are coming to find life.
Students are learning what it means to serve others.
Students are asking good questions about how to engage in the world.
And most of all, we’re having a TON OF FUN!!

This next month SCY is launching an initiative here in town called THE GOODNESS EPIDEMIC.

We’re encouraging the students of Summit County to reach out to the local community and just do those random acts of kindness.  They’ll be…

Taking cookies to teachers in the local high school
Shoveling snow off the sidewalk for local businesses
Writing encouraging notes to Firemen and Policemen and women in the community
Helping to create an atmosphere of “GOOD” in the town.

That’s where you come in.

We’re asking our supporters to engage and support these students in their work.
If you have a heart for looking out for the youth in community, we’d love to share Goodness with you.
Whether you have a business in the local community, or you’re living far away and want to participate in helping a community of students reach out and create a town full of “GOOD” instead of a community that looks at students with that pessimistic eye of criticism

Would you help us?

We’ve set up a website to sponsor the students in their goodness.  We’re raising money to show the students people really care about the overall goodness of a community.  The money used to sponsor will go to furthering the resource of the local group for the future, and at the same time create a HUGE message to the students that “We’re all in this together.”

If you have some spare change lying around
Maybe you have an unused gift card you’d like to donate
You might have an old phone in your kitchen drawer you don’t know what to do with
Or maybe you have a used car you’d like to get rid of and take a tax deduction
Would you take a second and check out SCY?

We’ve set up a variety of ways you can donate.

CLICK HERE to see our comprehensive donation platform

Thanks for your help in this endeavor.  We’re excited to test this idea and potentially use it for a model where other youth groups around the country can engage at a community level.  Thanks for your support.  These students will be eternally grateful.

Let me know what you think

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