I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I like to spend time with people on the ground.  I like to understand how THEY think, how THEY worship, how THEY spend time at work or what THEY do for fun.  Often times, I watch the generation of wanderers just buy a plane ticket and arrive.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re willing to spend some time learning about the culture you visit, you’re really just a casual touring observer looking into the shop windows of people willing to provide a service.

Anybody can do that.

But what if we looked at the world through the lens of the people who live there?
What if we identify another culture and it’s beautiful contributions to the world?
What if, instead of thinking everyone lives like we do at our home, we embraced the concept of “the visitor?”

If you’re on the same page, thinking the same way I’m thinking, then I’ve got a story for you.

One of our Gap Year groups is heading to the Holy Land for the next couple of weeks where they will learn the foundations of Mono Theistic Faith.  Working with Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the students are about to experience THE opportunity of a lifetime.

They’ll be coming in from Rwanda where a group has spent the last 5 weeks soaking up the life of today’s most vibrant African culture.
Some will be coming from Peru, where they’ve been exposed to a totally different way of living than they’ve known in America.
Today, they’ll be embarking on a journey of Love.

From Jesus’ first manifesto (the Sermon on the Mount), he empowered those who would believe to Love God and Love Others.  He invited God fearing faith filled people to engage in knowing how to see the needs of their neighbors, and live together in peace and harmony.

Over the last century, the Holy Land hasn’t responded very well, but the KIVU Gap Year students are about to get a big dose of what it means to see “the other” as a person, walk alongside them understanding deep relational needs, and hopefully; they will be able to take what they learn here and develop into the men and women God has called them to be.

I’m super excited to be here to introduce students to one of the most vibrant cultures on earth.

Be ready to hear incredible stories coming from the Holy Land for the next Gap Year term.  If you haven’t followed their blogs to date, don’t miss out on the journey.  Click over to http://www.kivugapyear.com today.

I’ll be updating my journey with them on Instagram and Facebook, and as usual, I’ll fill the blog with unique stories from a land far away.

Stay Tuned…

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