One of my favorite parts of the National Prayer Breakfast is the annual gathering on Wednesday morning called The Middle East Breakfast.

Leaders from all across the Middle East (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Jordan just to name a few) come together and have breakfast in the International Ballroom of the Washington Hilton.

My good friends Carl Medearis, Samir Kraedi, and Safi Kaskas have been the instigators behind this movement to unite leaders in the spirit of reconciliation in the name of Jesus.

Every year, I’m amazed at the spirit of unity that we can promote together.  Muslims, Christians, and Jews all together for a singular purpose: To Love.

I know there are problems in the Middle East, and it seems like everywhere you turn issues arise.  But for one moment in time, representatives from the region gather together to pray.

It’s quite an amazing hope to see those who may be considered enemies in the real world able to come together and try to find common ground.  And from here, hopefully; long lasting reconciliation can begin.

Here’s to hoping.


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