After traveling nearly a full 24 hours on the friendly skies, the KIVU Gap Year‘s first international destination is underway .  Our team in Rwanda is on the ground and learning what it means to engage in a totally different culture, with a totally different history, with totally different life rhythms.

The first few days are dedicated to learning.  We take very seriously understanding a culture on the ground.  After so many years of Western Missionaries who have laid the groundwork to “tell” a culture what to think, The KIVU Gap Year students are being trained to listen.

We want to listen to the people.
We want to hear their dreams.
We want to engage in life with where they want to be present.
And ultimately, we want to make new friends.


As the students listen to their new friends about culture, language, dreams, and faith; they also have a unique opportunity to view this beautiful African nation that has come from the ashes of tragedy.  Today Rwanda is one of the best told stories about rising economy, emerging technology, and lifting people out of the tragic events of 1994 to a place where they are proud to be Rwandans.

Our students will engage with new friends for the next six weeks to learn, to listen, and ultimately to reflect on their own values going forward in their vocational journey.  Many will fall in love with Rwanda and engage in future work.  And Many will walk through Rwanda with life long friendships.


So as you follow our teams around the world this semester, I would ask you to:

  1. Pray for our teams.  Pray they will listen intently.  Pray they will engage with honor and respect.  Pray that they will embrace the part of God’s story He has called them to be.
  2. Be sure to send your student or friend a note on social media or e-mail.  Students are a long way away from home, and most of them are there for the first time.  They would absolutely be thrilled if they knew you were praying, watching, and thinking of them.  I would love for us to encourage our students.  You can find them at our website
  3. Ultimately, I would ask that you too, engage.  If you feel like you resonate with some of the stories being told this semester, take some time to adopt the principles that speak to you.  Listening to others.  Giving your life  Taking time to hear God speak.  Learning another way to look at the world with value.  These are principles we feel are essential to evolving from student to well formed adults.

We’re thankful for our friends in Rwanda and our partners around the world.  The KIVU Gap Year is THE experience of a lifetime.  I hope you enjoy the updates.

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  1. …….just wish I could be with them. lol Praying for all concerned. I know they will all return home and to their individual futures deeply changed. Keep at it, Andy!!! These aRe our future leaders. Mighty proud of you and all you do!

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