Thousands of High School Seniors are about to engage in the process of selecting a University home for next year.  Some have already filled out their applications, filled out their resume’s, and written those essays to sell themselves to their University of choice. They are now patiently awaiting an approval letter.

A few months ago, one father I spoke with told me, “I don’t know how kids do this.  Applying to college is a 40 hour a week job.” And I get it.

The Pressure of choosing the right school with the right major with the right environment can be a daunting task.  So when students choose to take a break from ‘formal’ education and come on The KIVU Gap Year, there are some obvious issues we need to help them with, and some are not quite so obvious.

Some of the concerns lie with Mom and Dad.

Will my student ever go back and get a degree after taking a break?
Will my student just be throwing a year away they need to engage in a Freshman year?
What is the REAL value of doing a Gap Year between High School and College?
How do we choose the Gap Year to prepare them for University?

And these concerns just keep going.  Although Gap Year programs are becoming more and more popular, they still exist in this ambiguous place between Am I using my time and resource wisely? and How is this going to prepare my teenager to get a degree?

Well, we decided to start the New Year off by helping you see the relevance of a Gap Year.  For certain, not everyone is ready to take a Gap Year from formal education.  But we’ve found it to be a helpful year for students to create space between the last twelve years of sitting in a classroom, and the essential preparation to engage education at the next level.

Each week for the next few months, I’m going to be writing on the topic of the Parent View of a The KIVU Gap Year to help parents who are in the process of deciding where their child will go for the next year after High School, or between years at their University program.

  • I’ll interview Mothers and Fathers who have students attending our current Gap Year class.
  • I’ll ask questions about their experience in finances, letting their student go, watching their student grow, and what they experience in this program as parents.
  • I’ll interview some Alumni parents who are interested in telling their story about their Gap Year experience from years past.
  • AND, I’ll put in some Alumni Student interviews

All the while, I’ll be giving highlights on our current International Gap Year Travel to Rwanda, Peru, Jordan, Israel, India and a host of other countries where our students will be spending the next semester.

So, if you’re in that place of deciding where your teenager or college student is going to spend their next year, be sure to bookmark the blog here, or be watching my Facebook Page at, or I’ll share the post to The KIVU Gap Year Facebook page at

If you have some specific questions, you can email me at

I hope you enjoy this series on the Parent’s view of The KIVU Gap Year.

Let me know what you think

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