Many of you know, we started an educational program six years ago called The KIVU Gap Year (  The Genesis of the KIVU Gap Year was to answer 3 Important Questions.

  1.  How Can we Prepare Students to Enter University with Focus

So many statistics show University Freshman unprepared to enter higher education.  Nearly 40% of all entering Freshman never actually finish their degree.  Couple that with conversations with parents paying for the University and we found an undergraduate University demographic who wanted focus.

Students who were being asked to choose their life long career major at 17 were wide eyed and confused.
Parents were spending thousands of dollars for students to change majors, loose hours, or transfer to other schools.
The quality of conversations among my professor friends were more about a babysitting relationship rather than actually challenging students to learn

So we decided The KIVU Gap Year program would address these issues in a couple of specific ways.

a.)  We want to give students the ability to explore who they are.  After 12 years of sitting in a classroom, we wanted to provide a place where they could test, experiment, and learn what they were created to do.

b.)  We wanted to give students opportunities to intern with various companies in their field of study.  We learned many students who wandered through University with no REAL LIFE examples of what they want to do or who they want to become.

c.)  We wanted to give students the ability to step up and know what they don’t want to do.  So many students who get these degrees go on to hate their jobs.  We give students the freedom to say, “Well, maybe I don’t want to _____________.”

The results are quantifiable.

We are seeing several of our students go on to the University and graduate in 3 years instead of 4 years.  They’re actually entering the University with laser focus, and they’re becoming people engaged in important conversations.  They’re attracting the attention of nationally known law firms, high level academic ethics studies, and some of are on the verge of engaging in an exciting career in international business.

This week, the KIVU Gap Year is preparing to go International.  We’ll be in Washington DC for the week training, preparing, and having meetings around the Hill.

I’ll keep revealing the BIG 3 REASONS we created the Gap Year, and I’ll introduce you to some of our students before they’re big leap.

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