As you sit around today and think about starting off the New Year with a New Fresh Start, I thought I’d just got ahead and write down my thoughts here on Day 1.

Every year so many people start off the new year with a clean slate, and then it takes a few days, a few short weeks, or even a month or so to start getting back in the hum drum routine we’re all so used to.  Well, this year, let’s try to make it different.

It’s easy to start a new year thinking of ourselves.  We diet, we work harder to make more money, we educate ourselves to learn new ideas; but what if this year was the year of “The Other.”

The Other is that person in your world that you would never contact.  You see them from afar, maybe with a pious worldview that allows you to see yourself better than they are.  Maybe you have more money than the guy down on the corner holding the cardboard sign.  Maybe you’re smarter than the lady working down the hall.  Maybe your neighbor is in a different place spiritually.  Or maybe that parent at your kid’s school seems so different, but in reality; they’re just trying to parent like you are.

One of the most revolutionary ideas in the last 2000 years was “Love God with all your heart and Love your Neighbor as yourself.”  It was Jesus who shifted the prevailing worldview of the day.  I mean just imagine…

Imagine a world where we stopped reeling in the corners of safety to reach out to The Other.
Imagine a community where we gave of ourselves to The Other, instead of always looking out for self.
Imagined a year full of people who disciplined themselves to look out for the needs of each other, instead of always clawing their way to self prominence.

That’s my New Year’s Resolution this year, to Love my Neighbor.  Want to join me?

Let me know what you think

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