Last week in Washington D.C., I tried to sit with some of America’s most prominent leaders in Congress to ask, “Why is the world melting down?”  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like all I hear are the evil things happening.   Shootings, Bombings, ISIS, Russia, AHHHH, if you let it, the news can just create a worldview where nothing good is left in the world today.  And as I searched for answers of goodness, I had a few thoughts emerge that I would like to share.

1.  A Worldview Can Dictate Your Life

Look, we all have a worldview.  We all have a center place where we retreat to filter events we experience in our lives.  It’s like looking through colored glasses.  If you put on red tinted glasses, then everything you look at will have a red tint.  If you put on yellow glasses and look over the ocean, instead of seeing blue water, you’ll most likely see green.

A worldview is like that.  It’s the colored glasses we filter every news story, every new relationship and every experience we have through our lives.  Today, if you have a worldview that’s positive, you’re probably struggling to find stories to encourage an embolden your outlook.  If your worldview is that of apocalypse and death, then you’re probably encouraged as the world melts because you see the hope of another life, another world, or a place where your faith takes you to some kind of paradise.

It’s the same with every single religious group out there.  ISIS believes heaven is about to come to earth with some sort of Armageddon like battle, and if you ask fundamental Christians, they believe the same.  It’s almost like the words are different, but the worldview battle is extremely similar.  So when either group sees the world going to battle, there’s a quiet affirmation that their worldview is correct.  It can dictate the most simple events leading to catastrophic outcome.

2.  FEAR is a prime motivator

Last year I wrote a book called NO FEAR IN LOVE.  The premise of the book was to look at what the Bible says about fear and incorporate some of my own encounters when I was afraid.  So much of what I’ve experienced in the realm of fear has driven me to create a particular worldview.  If I’m meeting with someone who is supposed to be my enemy, my worldview demands I am cautious, careful, and expectant of something bad to happen.  But when I try to eliminate the fear in a certain situation, I can often find a positive place to live what I say I believe; Mainly to LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS.

We must conquer this sense of fear in our culture, or we’re going to continue operating out of a place of anxiety, instead of a place of confidence.  Fear can drive a sane person crazy wondering who is going to come and attack next, and it can move us to live in isolation rather than in community with one another.

I just heard a story where a friend of mine decided to do all her Christmas shopping online so she didn’t have to go to a mall where there are possible Al Quiada operatives plotting to murder thousands of people in crowded places.

For some of you, you’ll interpret that as protection.  But for me, I hear stories like that as totally illogical.  We have more car accidents in America than terrorist bombings, but the highways are still full of people driving.  So why are we so moved to isolate?  My thoughts…it’s fear.  And sometimes it’s the hardest emotion to pin point when you believe in your worldview you’re just being logical.

3.  God is still God

Sometimes I find myself picking on my own tribe of Christians more than I should, but it’s the worldview I know.  I grew up in the church.  I speak at churches all over America.  I have conversations with Christian leaders almost daily.  So I get them.  I don’t mean any harm, and I certainly don’t mean to insult any group. But I am willing to engage in conversations about how we might be loosing our way.

I believe one of the most significant detours I’ve seen in the Christian world in my lifetime is the idea we’ve forgotten that God is still on the throne.  He’s still in control.  He knows what’s happening on earth, and I believe He’s still engaged here with us.

So when we read verses like, “God did not give us a spirit of fear…” I ask my friends, “Why are  you so afraid?”  Have we given our worldview over to the one who causes fear?  Is it even possible to be self-aware enough to recognize when we’ve crossed over to fear?

My encouragement to you today is this:  God is still God, and He is still in control.  If you can begin with a worldview where there is a God who is sovereign, then the world looks a lot healthier than the melt down we’re hearing on the news.


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