Our final meeting on The Holy Land journey was one that will change the views of many of our journeymen and women.  If peace and reconciliation hasn’t grabbed you just yet, this will surely push you over the edge.

The organization is called The Parent’s Circle.  The official website description goes like this…

The PCFF was established in 1995 – by Mr. Yitzhak Frankental and several bereaved Israeli families. In 1998 the first meetings were held with a group of Palestinians families from Gaza who identified with the call to prevent further bereavement through dialogue, tolerance, peace and reconciliation. The connection with the group in Gaza was cut off as a result of the second Intifada. 

 From 2000 the PCFF expanded to include Palestinian families from both the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These new members have substantially influenced the activities of the PCFF and shaped the character and functioning of the organization

The Parents Circle – Families Forum is registered as an association and is managed jointly by the professional staff, Israelis and Palestinians working in two offices: the Palestinian Office is Beit Jala and the Israeli Office is in Ramat Ef’al, Tel Aviv.

Our group met with Robi Damelin who is a prolific speaker on this issue. Robi has done an incredible job articulating the pain and the chosen way of reconciliation when she lost her son to a Palestinian attack.

And this is where the whole of the conflict meets the reality of how we live.  We can continue to support efforts of violence, OR, we can choose to look for places of forgiveness.

I’m amazed at the power found in this woman’s soul.  Her spirit speaks volumes in a world that seems to be spinning out of control.  And I, for one, will continue to be committed to finding ways to encourage people to find forgiveness in the harshest parts of their lives.

After all, if I truly believe in the Jesus I hear about who lived nearly 2000 years ago; I believe, “Forgive them, they know not what they do” is a mantra we can all rise above the frey of violence, and help the world see God’s true intent for humans on the planet today.

Let me know what you think

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