For fifteen years we operated a youth facility called KIVU, a summer camp out in Durango Colorado; and when you add up all the people who came through the gates over those 15 years…
We hired almost 2000 staff members
And we hosted nearly 15,000 students.

Looking back on the years at camp today is a blur of memories at this point where years run into years, stories get over exaggerated, and faces seem to run together like an old painting in need of repair.

So instead of just letting the paintings fade into history, we decided to take an intentional look at how we can continue connecting with the people who meant the world to us over the last chapter of our lives.

The Importance of Remembrance

We decided last year to put together a retreat for all the men who were on staff for the last 15 years.  For the first year, it was amazing to sit around and tell old camp stories.  And then something crazy happened.  As we shared those fond memories of facilitating parties, working with students from all over the world, and developing deep meaningful friendships, we found a space where we could trust one another.

I don’t know many spaces where people can actually sit around the fire and talk about the deepest parts of what it means to be human, ask questions about the most important values of faith, or just have a sense that there are people in the world who care for you no matter what life throws at you.

I think we need to carve out more margin in our lives to do this.
Instead of believing that life has to be a roller coaster of busy-ness; maybe taking some time to invest in people would lift the feeling of alone-ness.

So take it from me…

If you have an important era in your life, don’t just forget about it.  Be intentional about setting up time to re-connect with those people who meant something to you.  I promise…you’re going to find some diamonds in the rough of life.

We had a BLAST this last weekend, and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

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  1. …and having heard from one of those good men who was there, I can attest to the significance of the moments you talked about. Keep it up, Andy. Your impact on these developing lives is huge…….but…the full impact will not be known for years, when they are sharing with their own sons and daughters. Thankful for you and your influence, to the max! Most proud of you!! Humbled, deeply, that I get to call you friend!!! Talk to you soon………..

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