For the last few days I’ve been on the ground in Washington DC helping our KIVU Gap Year students get acclimated to their new home this semester.  Washington is so full and vibrant now that Congress is back in session, and these students are in the for the ride of their lives.

In the next few short months they are going to have the opportunity to serve leaders from here in America to around the world, and all the while; they’ll be expanding their own worldview in preparation for international travel.

Just yesterday, we had an interesting encounter with Christian Faith leaders over the issue of persecution in the Middle East.  They had the chance to witness Orthodox leaders, Catholic leaders, Protestant leaders, and Evangelical leaders come together in Unity (which almost never happens in today’s world) for the sole purpose of showing solidarity over global religious persecution.

Earlier in the day, the students were privy to a conversation about faith and politics with former Governor David Beasley of South Carolina.  They sat with open ears and open hearts to hear some of the most interesting conversation concerning faith in and around Washington.  AND, they’ve been invited to a special breakfast in the Congressional Dining Hall with sitting members of Congress.

With every turn, I kept thinking to myself, “Where was this program when I was in College?

I’m sure they will have plenty of stories to share, plenty of experiences to dwell on, and a plethora of apprenticeships to tell about in the coming days.  So be sure to check out for an up close behind the scenes look at what students experience throughout the year.

I’ve told them to be honest, real, and be sure to tell the mountain top experiences as well as the valleys.

The KIVU Gap Year just took a HUGE leap into the next phase of development, and we’re sure to see these students on their way to becoming the leaders they were designed to be.

Let me know what you think

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