I know it’s a controversial company, but in my humble opinion UBER has to be one of the greatest inventions of the last decade.  For a guy who travels a TON, it’s just so nice to not have to dwell on where I’m going to get my next ride, or where I need to hail a cab, and I can do it all from the palm of my hand.

The minute I saw UBER work, I had this crazy feeling, this is going to change EVERYTHING.  It changes the way we travel in global cities.  It gives the consumer and the vendor ways to rate one another to keep out the frey.  It’s 100% convenient, and now they’ve started their own leasing company which will change the way cars are sold.

Love it or Hate it, UBER is a once in 100 year idea.

Every time I get in an UBER car, I find it interesting to spend the 10-15 minutes getting to know the driver.  I’ve never had a bad experience, as most of the drivers are SUPER FRIENDLY (I think it helps that each driver has a long term rating using the rating system inside the UBER app), regardless; it’s kind of a fun game to figure out where they live, if they have a family, and why they chose to drive for UBER.

Lately, I’ve been testing the conversation to see if I can bring up the topic of Jesus.  I know I know it’s kind of weird.  I’m not at all the guy who feels compelled to save everyone and pray the pray as we drive down the interstate.  But I’ve been wondering, what might happen if we just talked about Jesus.  What do people think about Jesus?  What is the current UBER thinking about religion?  And can I have a spiritual conversation with someone in 10 minutes or less?

You know what I find?

Everybody wants to talk about Jesus.
NOBODY wants to talk about religion.
Everybody likes Jesus.
NONE of the UBER driver’s I’ve tried to talk to are interested in going to the local church.
Everybody wants to figure out what’s wrong with religion, why we fight, why we hold our friends at arm’s length, why loving God often takes a manifestation of hurting people.
NOBODY wants to talk about regulatory lifestyle.  They all want to form their opinion of God.
But when I bring up Jesus, there’s almost a quiet inquiry about who he really was, what he was really all about, and how interested they are when I tell them I’m trying to figure out how to follow him every day.

One of my friends says, “If we lift Jesus up, He draws all men to himself.”

We don’t have to think of some clever sales pitch.
We don’t have to guilt people into thinking how we think (mainly Christians)
We don’t have to create systems with labels for people to fit in some tight box
We don’t have to hold onto the traditions of the past (especially in the Western world)
We don’t have to make everyone look like we look

Seriously, if we just talk about Jesus, talk about what he talked about, love like he loved, and keep looking to increase our capacity for living in his “way…” there’s really nothing to be afraid of.   As my friend Jeff Dobesh says, “We’re playing with house money.”  It’s not our world.  It’s God’s World.

I have 12 UBER business cards I’m working on today, starting conversations with men from all over the country. They have indicated they want to know about Jesus, the Jesus I just talked about in the back seat of their car, and I’m telling you, This is going to be fun.  How cool would it be if we could lower our expectations of faith and tradition, and just enter relationships with people who are interested in knowing about Jesus.

Just an encouragement to some of you today.  If you are living how Jesus lived, go tell someone about it.  It’s VERY interesting to see how many people are interested in Jesus…even if it’s just bottom shelf historical stuff.  And then when you get to the philosophical Jesus, and you start sharing how he called us to “Love God, and Love Others like we love ourselves” there’s something interesting that happens.

Lift him up…
He draws men to himself….


  1. WAY TO GO! You are right, “It is God’s world”. How very refreshing if we did just talk about Jesus and strived to model after him; preaching love and forgiveness. Oh what a different world it could be! I will be reblogging this. Thank you!

    1. ………..yup! Dead on the center of the target. Religion? Caution. Jesus? Let’s talk…and then, let’s talk some more…when can we talk (usually meaning, you’re listening to me instead of convincing me of something…is this the way with your Jesus?)? As per usual, Sir Braner, exceptional post. Pardon the pun, but this IS uber cool!!!

  2. This is a late reply but I feel I need to clear a few things up here. You may well think people like to talk about Jesus but that’s not always the case. As an atheist I don’t want to talk religion, I don’t want to talk about Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Mohamed, Kwan Yin, Bambara, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or anything related to religion or religious practice. It has no relevance to me. Most days I like to talk about medical practice which is my main income and I enjoy talking about science. Religion, gods, sons of gods and the like are of no interest. Don’t make assumptions about your passengers.

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