For the last decade, I’ve been a part of a mentoring relationship that’s changed the way I think about mentoring and leadership.  So much of what I thought I knew about leadership has been challenged by the Leadership Design Group.

1.  I’ve Learned about Transformational Leadership

Leadership is a buzz word today.  I’ve seen so many organizations add leadership to their Mission/Vision statements, but when you drill down into what is actually going on, very few organizations take the time and energy to approach leadership as a “whole” life.

Companies mentor Sales-people to be better at sales, but few actually pay attention to the “whole” person.
Churches focus on discipleship, but often only try to help teach spiritual guidelines.
Schools educate students to be better academics, but rarely incorporate all the dimensions that make up a “whole” student.

Leadership Design Group takes the necessary steps to investigate all parts of humanity, and address the issues that are clearly important and parts of helping people be successful at life.

2.  I’ve learned how to meet future leaders where they are

So many of my own leadership training was structured to expect me to be someone I wasn’t.  Setting goals that include areas of life I’M interested in are a part of Leadership Design.  They meet me where I am, and start the process of mentoring from that place effectively working to strengthen my own gifts and talents, and challenge me in areas I need to focus on.

Sometimes we expect so much from our next generation, we rush through the process of development seeing only the immediate results at the expense of focusing on the long journey of leadership development.

3.  I’ve learned Mentoring isn’t a life living AT people, but actually living WITH people in their own story

Finally, Leadership Design Group gives people the tools to live in conjunction with others.  Sure there are lessons to pass down to future leaders, but just as important is living life within the stories of others.

Every person has a beautiful story making up who they are.  Family, Creativity, Vocation, and all the 8 dimensions of life are important to focus on with great attention.  A failure here, a success there, and a dream help to fill in the colors of an incredible kaleidoscope of life.  And my mentor, Wes Roberts, has helped to bring those colors to light in my own life while giving me the necessary tools to help others see their potential.

Overall, I believe this style of helping to teach and guide future leaders is the biggest break through in leadership training that’s happened in my lifetime.


And now they’re working to share some important ideas on how to engage with life on life mentoring via Social Media.

You can follow Leadership Design on their Facebook Page, or your Twitter Feed.

Take a look, see what’s going on, and get ready to engage in the most exciting life you can live today.

Let me know what you think

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