Ok, I apologize.  It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve posted here on the blog, but I gotta be honest:  My life is CRAZY right now.  Every time I sit down to write, I feel like there’s this grey cloud hanging over my head for some reason, and I end up grasping for words.  Then I go back to read what I wrote and I think If I post this, they’re gonna think I’m NUTS!!

So yesterday I sat down to write an article, found myself bored with my own writing, and decided to go through my email to see if I could set my mind straight.  (I know, it’s crazy to think you can find inspiration from your INBOX, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.)

I opened a letter from a friend up in the Northwest, and found this…

Yesterday after we hung up, I began reading  No Fear in Love.  I finished it this morning. It is excellent.  You have done a courageous and remarkable job of challenging our tribe to face old mindsets and let love show us ways  to live as Jesus followers.  It seems that students (at least in our circles)  these days are quick to recognize and receive the truths in the book’s message.   I hope and will pray that No Fear In Love finds its way into the hands of many, many in my generation. 

And I started to feel the creative rush through my body.  (Or maybe the coffee just started setting in.)  In any event, I started to remember….

When I released No FEAR this spring, it was to help encourage people to face their fears of faith in the culture around them.  I wanted to help springboard a conversation from apathetic, lazy, fear filled lives to places where we could have important conversations about what place faith has in our culture today.

For example:

Can we have conversations about the common and different ways people choose to exercise their faith?
Can we stare into the political fray and talk about the how’s and why’s faith works, and be honest when it doesn’t provide the answers we need?
Will we continue setting up an air of protectionism?  Or will we be able to engage with people like Jesus engaged?

I’m encouraged this morning.  No Fear is beginning to do its job, mainly; to help people begin a conversation void of fear, and filled with hope in a world that seems to lack much of the later.

Let me know what you think

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