Looking for a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

As KIVU takes a turn to expand through the world, our first new program will be in Washington D.C.  We’re excited to lock arms with The International Foundation to provide a semester where students will engage with some of the most influential leaders around the world. Leadership This semester will be filled with lessons on […]

So I asked today’s Teenagers why They’re Leaving Faith. This is what they told me

Each summer, we gather @1000 students from all over the world at our summer camp facility outside Durango Colorado.  We call it “KIVU” At KIVU we have the unique opportunity to welcome students from all sorts of faith backgrounds.  Primarily our staff is dedicated to following Jesus, but we do have several faiths represented. So […]

Looking for Mentors in all the Right Places

For the last decade, I’ve been a part of a mentoring relationship that’s changed the way I think about mentoring and leadership.  So much of what I thought I knew about leadership has been challenged by the Leadership Design Group. 1.  I’ve Learned about Transformational Leadership Leadership is a buzz word today.  I’ve seen so […]