Of Course i had to take my kids to the new Avengers movie, Are you Crazy?  It’s like a staple around our house.  With 5 kids, there’s always someone dressed up as a Super Hero, and more often times than not, the Hulk shows up un-announced anyway.  (ie. parents, you know your kids are destruct-ors)

So we decided to head down to our local “Big Leather Chair” movie theater here in our little small town in Colorado, to sit back, relax, and see what Stan Lee and the folks at Marvel Comics had planned.


Look, as a former actor, there’s just not much in the way of criticism here.  It was a Comic Book Movie.  If you’re looking for good actors, you’re gonna have to wander over to movies like Selma and Lone Survivor.  But if you’re interested in cheep throw away lines, with some pretty people delivering:  It’s awesome.

Special Effects

It’s Avengers.  Are you kidding me?  There were hundreds of explosions, fights with aliens, and even a few new characters.  The special effects were awesome.  Captain America brings the shield, Thor brings the hammer, and the Hulk has plenty of scenes where the green man destroys stuff.  If you like Special Effects and C.G.I., the Avengers doesn’t disappoint.

Moral of the Story

I think this is probably the most interesting part when discussing films.  I don’t believe any movie gets made without some kind of moral or agenda to the underlying story.  This particular moral was wound tightly around the responsibility of scientists, the rest of a super hero to save the planet, and the way to see evil in the world today.  I think it’s pretty timely, considering we have so many conflicts going on across the world, and rarely do we see the “other side” of the conflict through our a-typical lens.  This is a great movie to discuss moral consequences with your kids, your friends, or even your small groups.

Potential Offensive Material

There’s a few curse words, but not many
There’s a few times where you could see some sexual inferences and course jokes
Violence is almost every single scene, but it’s the AVENGERS, that’s why we go see it
There are a couple references to being gods, so if you’re put off by that or taking young kids, there might be some places where you need to explain a little about mythology or something

Overall, this one is a fun ride as the Avengers fight evil to save the world once again.  I laughed a lot.  I looked over at my kids and their eyes were wide with amazement.  And in all reality, that’s the reason I love movies so much.  They bring us to the point of imagination opening up our worldview to other possibilities.  The conversations on the way home were fun, as we all tried to negotiate for the superpower we wanted to have if we were asked to save the world.

Go see it.  It’s pretty awesome.

Let me know what you think

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