There’s so much to be thankful for on Mother’s day, where do you even begin?

To My Dear Mother and Friend

Thanks for being the chef who knew who to make those grilled cheese sandwiches to top of an incredible child like lunch
Thanks for being the doctor, taking care of skinned knees and sick stomachs
Thanks for hauling us around when we were young, traveling from baseball practice to basketball games
Thanks for making us go to church to learn how others worshipped God
Thanks for encouraging when life seemed to go dark
Thanks for letting me disagree and explore so I could find my own way
Thanks for loving my kids with such grace and lovely care
Thanks for being honest in your faith and showing us how to love God well

To My Dear Wife and Mother of My kids

Thanks for being the exciting adventurous leader who is making memories for our kids
Thanks for risking well, and allowing me to risk well too
Thanks for knowing  how to keep it together in the middle of the chaos
Thanks for being a friend through the eye of so many storms
Thanks for keeping the schedule together, I’m not exactly sure how you do that
Thanks for pushing our kids to be educated beyond even what school can provide
Thanks for being so fun and exciting
Thanks for keeping us on our toes
Thanks for your continued sacrifice as you give of yourself so freely

And to all the mothers out there

You guys are the heroes.  There’s no doubt about it.  I know today is a day specifically designated for you mothers out there, but let’s be honest.  EVERYDAY should be mother’s day.  For, without the moms, there’s no way the world spins in the right direction.  Today we take a second to honor you, but in truth, we couldn’t do this thing without you.


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