For the next three days, I’ll be in Denver Colorado participating in the Simply Jesus Gathering.  It’s the second year for this amazing conference, and the line up is really unbelievable.  The speakers are gathered together for a few days of Simply talking about Jesus.

Who is He?
What did He do here on earth?
How can we boldly live in a chaotic world following Jesus?
What does it mean to Simply follow Jesus?

For a guy who is trying to live life with a Jesus-Centric paradigm, these people are encouraging to my soul.  They tell it like it is, and they’re not afraid to question the status quo.

What does it look like to follow Jesus in different Cultures?
What does Jesus look like here in Western culture, and Is there a different way?
What is the bottom line concerning, Simply Jesus?

I look forward to reporting on what I learn, because I know a load of millennials out there who are looking for answers to difficult questions around the world.  With the numbers of millennials continuing to dwindle at the local church, I’m interested in figuring out why.  After all, if God is the creator of the Universe, maybe we just need to focus on Him and what He has in store for our world.

I’m excited to worship, fellowship, and hang with some esteemed colleagues, and represent the work KIVU does in and around the world.

Then on Saturday, we will assemble all our KIVU Gap Year students in Durango for their final graduation.  I’ll FOR SURE keep you updated on that too.

So, here we go.  Denver – Week #2 – observing, praying, participating, and learning what it means to live Simply Jesus.

Let me know what you think

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