Each summer, I’m heartbroken to see our scholarship requests that go unfunded at our summer camp called KIVU.  It’s one thing to run the camp, hire the staff, get the programs ready, and make sure everything is being performed at a high level of excellence.  But it’s another thing entirely to look into the eyes of students who know the value of KIVU in their lives, and the lives of their families; and have to tell them, “We just don’t have the funds to help this year.”

Last year we gave away $120K in scholarships.  Some went to Military Veteran families.  Some went to Single Moms.  Some went to families who just needed a little help in 2014 to make sure their kids got a BEST IN CLASS Colorado summer experience.

No matter the circumstance, when students come to KIVU on scholarship, there’s something different that happens.

They’re grateful.
They know someone out there gave them a chance when there really wasn’t any.
They engage in all the activities, because they know without donors like you, they would be sitting in front of the X-Box this summer instead of rubbing shoulders with some of America’s brightest leaders.

So today….

Would you take a quick peak at our Crowd Rise Campaign to raise money for kids who need a little help this year?

We have a goal to raise $250K in an aggressive April Scholarship month, and to date, we have $75K pledged.

Every gift is Tax Deductible, so especially right now around tax season, you can know that for your 2015 tax burden, you can offset your amount due to Uncle Sam by giving to KIVU.


Or if you’re interested in helping by sending in a check, you can write to Camp KIVU 9658 CR 501, Bayfield, CO 81122.

The EIN # is 26-3988223 for your records, and we’ll provide all the necessary documentation.

Thanks for thinking about students this summer.

And if you want to see all we have going on, check out our website at http://www.campkivu.com, our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/campkivu, or videos on our Youtube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/campkivu

Let me know what you think

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