Yesterday we had the chance to go and help some local farmers in the area plant Grape Vines.  Our friends at the Tent of Nations brought us out to their farm, and we saw how local farm owners make a living from the earth.  Olives, Grapes, Oranges, and Lemons, what a thrill to see the local economy work with people who truly desire to connect with the organic earth.


The owner of the property told us the story of the farm.  Handed down from his grandfather during the Ottoman Empire, they had a deed to the property since 1916.  Can you believe that?  Almost 100-year-old farm handed down from father to son and again from father to son.

Today, the farm hosts international groups from all over the world to use a message of peace and reconciliation.  They do kid’s camps, internships, and host travelers to come and help run the farm.  There’s no running water.  There’s very little electricity.  And the rooms they use are caves dug deep into the ground.


The students had an amazing time planting their own Grape Trees the farmers said would produce fruit in about three years.

When we walked off the farm property, one of the students said, ‘So what do I have to do to come and learn everything from that guy?’


How cool is that?  An American student who sees the potential in taking a mentor from the heart of the Holy Land.  What an interesting dynamic we get to see as the students from the KIVU Gap Year have the chance to learn how the rest of the world works, and pick up on the value of mentors in different cultures.

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