Well, we set sail on the Israeli vessel “The Noah” on the sea of Galilee.  Riding the boat out to the center of the sea, turning the engines off, and reading the story of Jesus calming the storm while the disciples were fearing a totally sunken vessel in Matthew 8 is surreal.  The students where looking on all sides of the boat trying to grasp the fact that the Bible Stories are totally real.


We began the 30 minute tour with Amazing Grace playing from the speakers.  The kids sang, but to be honest, it was kind of cheesy.  It was almost like the owner’s of the boat were trying to insist the kids form into some kind of “Christian” thing they have come so far to understand.  These students are ready for deep theology, not the doses of Gospel music.  At least not yet. So they rolled their eyes, and looked to the sea for some kind of inspiration while Amazing Grace continued to play over the loud speakers.


We talked about the sea, the storm, and the way Jesus called us to have faith in the middle of the storm.  If you’ve ever been in ministry or youth work, you know there are those times in work where everything just clicks.  Well, sitting on a boat on the sea of Galilee talking about life-storms in relationship to Jesus’ claiming the sea…It doesn’t get any better than that.  These are our fearless sailors.

IMG_9143And then the crew turned on the Riana.  It started calm and quiet, and then all out FUN!!!

When I captured this photo, I thought, I wonder if this is really what Jesus wants us to be like.  Going out to Amazing Grace in reverence and respect, and then we could almost hear Jesus say, “Now Go have fun, and live life to the fullest!!”

I’m constantly impressed with how much freedom Jesus offers those who are willing to follow Him.

We walked off the boat laughing, talking about Jesus, and realizing…we just rode a vessel where Jesus told the storm to stop, and we came off the boat with an interesting view of Jesus’ calling on our life today.

Let me know what you think

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