Old Jaffa

I didn’t blog yesterday simply because it was just too tiring.  After 20 hours navigating airports, and flying across the Ocean, I just needed a little rest.  So I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what’s going on here with The KIVU Gap Year students, and our adventures together so far.

The first stop on our Journey is to the Old City of Jaffa.  Jaffa is said to have been around nearly 7500 B.C.E.  Stories of Jonah, Peter, Medieval Greek Mythology, Persian Rulers, and of course the major city of Tel Aviv is right up the coastline, rule the narrative here in this quaint little city.

With a bustling market in the old city to the crowded night life, we’ve struck this incredible quaint idea of what a Mediterranean City might be like in our dreams.  There’s a cool feel about Jaffa.  Something really great is happening here.  It seems like people of all faiths, nationalities, and races are co-existing across the streets from each other.  No tension.  No political issues.  No religious issues.  There’s just a high level of respect, as you might think there should be.

The KVIU Gap Year kids arrived last night right after my plane landed.  They came off of two days in Amman Jordan with our friends there, and already they’ve said things like, “Jordan was the BEST TIME EVER!!”  Many of them are looking forward to re-visiting their Jordanian friends in the future, and I’m so proud.  I’m proud of them for taking the challenging trek from Africa to the Middle East to learn what a real World View can be like.  They have friends in many countries, and now we get a chance to add more.

Tomorrow, we begin our trek where Jesus walked.  We’ll start with Nazareth, and end up in Tiberius up near the Sea of Galilee.  Our mission:  To examine the life of Jesus as best we can.  We’ll see where Jesus began his ministry.  We’ll walk the mountainsides where He gave the Sermon on the Mount.  We’ll touch the water where Jesus called Peter to “throw the nets on the other side.”  And then tomorrow night we’ll start processing…”what was the environment like when Jesus was here, and what were the issues He was trying to talk about.”

It’s all very exciting.

You can follow some of my pictures on Instagram @abraner, or just search the hashtag #KIVUholyland2015.  We’ll post the students pictures there as well.

Be sure you come back often, if you’re interested.  There is sure to be lots to talk about.

Let me know what you think

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