Today’s the day I head back over to meet our students with the KIVU Gap Year in the Middle East.  We are going to survey the region where Jesus walked, and learn some incredible insights about how Jesus functioned in the days and years here on earth.

We’ll sit in the Garden of Gethsemane, and talk about the pain Jesus felt.
We’ll sail on the Sea of Galilee and talk about how Peter must have felt when he met Jesus the first time.
We’ll see the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found by the Dead Sea in Qumran.
We’ll visit the Old City in Jerusalem and visit the churches and memorials.
We’ll visit the Holocaust Museum, and talk with people who can explain the pain they feel through their history
We’ll also spend time with local people in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and some of the suburbs surrounding the areas.

I envision this to be a life changing event for some who are interested in knowing about Jesus, who He was, and How He interacts with us today.  I’m looking forward to the exploration.

If you’d like to follow the details of the journey, I’ll be publishing a blog as time permits.  So you can sign up to receive the blog notification via email at the bottom of this page.  OR, you can watch on our FB page at Andy Braner.  OR, you can visit our Instagram accounts @abraner or @kivucolorado.

We’ll be using the hashtag #KIVUHolyLand2015, so if you’d like to keep up with some of the students pictures or stories, there will be plenty there to see as well.

I can’t wait to meet with our students, see my old friends, and make new one’s on this journey.  Be sure to stay with us, and you can experience all we’re talking about via social media.

Thanks for your prayers.  Thanks for your support.  And I can’t wait to update you on the life-changing things that happen on this journey.  God bless.

Let me know what you think

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