This weekend I got a chance to see the Oscar Nominated Film FOXCATCHER.  The story of John Dupont and the FoxCatcher wrestling group from the 1980’s.

I wasn’t really excited about this film because I’m not interested in wrestling or the 1980’s for that matter; but I’ve spent some time in and around Philadelphia where the DuPont family operates and I was intrigued by the story of John DuPont.

The basic story line is that of Mike and Dan Shultz, former gold medal wrestling contenders who meet up with a wealthy family willing to fund the “whatever it takes” attitude to win an American Gold medal at the Korean Summer Games.

Technically, the film is a masterpiece.  Filmed with a style that compels the audience to keep watching, the story flows impeccably from one scene to the other.

Steve Carrel takes acting to a new place.  His commitment to representing the John DuPont character is nothing short of amazing.

But the more intriguing part of this movie is the tension between DuPont’s desire to win a gold medal, his personal desire to bring American back to a super power, and his tension between DuPont family members; mainly his mother.

As I was watching, I couldn’t help but just want to know more.  It was one of those movies where the next scene was as important as the one just passed.

If you’re interested in seeing great acting along with a compelling story, I think the FoxCatcher is the kind of movies that make us enjoy movies.  There’s an interesting plot, great art, and when it’s over; you’re going to have plenty to talk about with your friends and family.  There’s no superheroes, no explosions, no sexual erotic content, just simple story for story sake.

As a movie lover, these are the kinds of movies that we talk about for years to come.


  1. Hey Andy…that white mansion was here in Leesburg…they filmed the helicopter scenes here. We went and toured the historic house the day we saw the movie. It was cool to put the two activities together, but after the movie…we don’t feel the same about that house…in our town…even though the events never happened here.

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