After Oscar Week there are several movies I feel like I need to catch up on.  Some are worth the time and energy, and of course, there are those that I could do without.  As a fellow Movie Lover, Former Actor, and general connoisseur of all things art; I decided to start with the film awarded BEST ACTOR.

The Theory of Everything is a quick look into one of the most brilliant minds in our world today.  Dr. Stephen Hawking is not only the current seat holder of the same academic seat as Sir Isaac Newton, he’s given the world a way to look at astrophysics on par with Einstein.

His theory of Black Holes, The Impact of Gravity in the Universe, and basically THE book which could be titled “Astronomy for Dummies” A Brief History of Time is in print all over the world 10 million times over.

Eddie Redmayne tackled the role of Dr. Hawking, and I’ll just cut to the chase, He Was Brilliant!!

From the early days at Cambridge, Stephen Hawking’s brilliant mind was on display for the physics department to see.  The way his mind processes information, and the beauty of his curiosity, were all combined to throw Dr. Hawking into a fast track for a P.h.D in Physics.

Over the course of his dissertation work, Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a painful disintegration of the muscles leading the patient unable to control voluntary muscular system activities.

The Doctors gave Dr. Hawking 2 years to live, and the story of The Theory of Everything is the brave and almost triumphal victories Dr. Hawking experienced every single day.

Relationships with his kids, his wife, his friends, and professional colleagues, are all at subject in the film.  And, true to life as one would live in this state of disease, the filmmakers made sure to take special time with these relationships.  Instead of a movie totally devoted to Science, The Theory of Everything was much more a journey for all involved in Dr. Hawking’s journey for survival.

Of course, the director threw a few science geeks a bone with Hawking’s “AHA” moments.  There are a few instances where pious religious people might be able to argue the case for or against a God who created the Universe.   But I was drawn to see the world through Hawking’s caretakers, kids, and ultimately fans who had to deal with the awful sight of watching their friend literally disintegrate before their eyes.

If you’re looking for a feel good “date movie,” this probably isn’t the one.  But if you’re ready to see the journey of life through creative cinematography, well written dialogue, and superb acting, The Theory of Everything will highlight life’s successes and life’s pain in a way I haven’t seen before.



    1. I think it would be fine. There’s a few moments where Dr. Hawking kisses his would be wife, and then there’s one moment where they joke about him looking at a dirty magazine. But other than that, I seem to recall it pretty clean.

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