In accordance with my New Year’s Goal to read two books a week, I thought I’d go ahead and highlight my favorite of this week.  King Abdullah II of Jordan wrote a book a few years ago on the chances for Peace in the Middle East.

Seemingly a superb time to highlight this message, I thought I’d give a small review, and if you’re interested, give you some resources on current events you can read as well.

King Abdullah II is currently the ruling leader in one of America’s closest Middle East Allies.  He starts by detailing some crucial history of his father and grandfather that make a lot of the news today make more sense.  Educated in America, King Abdullah loves peace and details meetings with American Presidents and high level officials concerning some of the conflicts we’ve read about through western media, and gives the reader some inside look into conversations with Iranian leaders and even Saddam Hussein in the late 90’s and post Iraqi conflict.

What I came away from this book with…

The King Of Jordan Cares About Peace

Even though he rose through the ranks of the Jordanian army, King Abdullah has a heart to find a place of peace in the region.  Nobody’s perfect, but sometimes you can just tell when you see how someone speaks of his enemies that He’s a man able to see past current events for the hope that someday there can be a long-term peace in the Middle East.

The King Of Jordan Cares About Youth

I’ve never met the man, but he talks in one section about the King’s Academy, a school in Amman that rivals any boarding school.  They’ve recruited some of the best teachers in the world to give young people a comprehensive education that will serve them well to become statesmen throughout the globe.  With a high level of concern for education and experience, King Abdullah spends time writing about his favorite time in the desert with some of the students at the King’s Academy.  It was endearing to read someone of the King’s caliber who took time to sit by the fire and share his story with students as they tried to discern what their lives would look like going forward.

The King of Jordan Is Deeply Moved For His People

While many leaders would set up their rule full of the riches and resources of a particular country, King Abdullah comes across like a normal guy.  He drives world leaders to the airport instead of relying on security detail.  He meets in secret with those who are considered enemies of the state. And he reaches out to help those in need.

I’ve worked with some incredible Jordanians in the last few years at KIVU, and I can tell you they are living under a King who is truly a man of honor.  The news may not always report the good, and they may highlight some of the mistakes, but I’m impressed by a man who has a heart in the most tumultuous region in the world.

If you’re looking for some “good” reports coming out of the Middle East these days, I highly recommend King Abdullah II’s book Our Last Best Chance for Peace.

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