My last published New Year’s Goal is to reach out and increase the number of people I’m personally mentoring. Each summer I have the chance to interact with High School and University Students at KIVU in Colorado, but I’m working diligently to develop a place where people who are interested in Whole Life Mentoring might have a place to go where they can realize their full potential in their lives.

Mentoring As a Lifestyle

Most of the time, if you are in a mentoring relationship, there are certain goals and quantifiables people want to achieve. For example, if you’re working in Sales, you might have a business mentor who helps you get to a certain Sales number by “showing you the ropes.” If you’re an athlete, you might have a trainer or a dietitian. But how many times do our mentors actually help us discover Who we are, and Why we do what we do?

For the last 10 years, my dear friend and mentor Wes Roberts, has helped me see every dimension of my life. We talk about business and physical training, but there’s so much more to understanding how to be the “Best You” you can be.

Mentoring is a lifestyle. It’s not a one stop shop, take a pill and heal, and then move on. Mentoring is actually learning to walk through life with people who are searching, discovering, exploring, and have a deep desire to figure out how they’ve been created for this world.

Mentoring is Whole Life

Most ‘life coaches’ I’ve run into are interested in encouraging and cheerleading people through life. But Mentoring is much more than life coaching. The Mentoring process Wes and his organization, Leadership by Design , have uncovered is whole life transformational. It allows for deep reflection. It provides an honest look into who we are, and how we function.

Life Coaching seems to encourage a compartmentalization where your vocational life can exist without interference from your family life. But in truth, if we’re honest; every part of our life affects every other part of our life. Whole life Mentoring gives a platform where EVERY part of life can be examined and explored in a healthy, honest, beneficial way.

Who is a Candidate for Mentoring?

Well, this is easy.

  • High school students who are looking toward a future are prime candidates to go through a mentoring process.
  • University students facing the “real world” have much to gain from having an older/wiser/professional who might be interested in walking with them.
  • Young Professionals often enter the work force looking for significance, and can be impacted tremendously by knowing who they are and why they do what they do.
  • Mid life professionals looking for the “What Now” after they’ve accomplished some of the things they want to accomplish can benefit greatly by having a peer interested in helping them be the best them they can be.

Mentoring is beneficial for men, women, and students in all phases of life both young and old.

In 2015, I’m excited to take on new clients who are excited about learning what Whole Life Mentoring is all about.  It’s crucial for us, ALL OF US, to have people in our life who are outside our sphere of influence and can provide objective information about how we can find who we are and how we are created to operate in this world.

If you’re interested in a mentor relationship, feel free to contact me at  Looking forward to knowing you and your desire to make a difference in this life.

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