I don’t know why. Most of my speaker friends struggle to write. A LOT of them have ghost writers, assistants, or people who just want to come alongside them and write down what they want to say in public. I’ve often said, “If the general public knew how many speakers didn’t actually write their own books, I think they would be shocked!!”

But I like to write.

It’s some kind of therepeutic/cathartic discipline.
I write every day.
Whether I’m on the blog, writing a new e-book, working on a manuscript, or trying to come up with a new idea for a novel; I love to write!!

So this year, I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve, and I’d love to share them with you.

My 5th Manuscript
This spring, I have the fifth full length, non-fiction book coming out published by Baker Books. The Title, NO FEAR IN LOVE Loving others the way God loves us.

The idea in writing to a broader audience is to engage the places where we are afraid. People of faith are often paralyzed by fear, and we don’t spend enough time talking about the hope we have to approach all the situations in the world. We consume END TIMES curriculum, play countless hours of video games warring against the latest American Enemy, and even allow our public policy and security to be shaped by fear. But in reality: What do we really have to be afraid of?

I’m excited about this book, unlike the four previous. It’s intended for audiences from 25-40, and will be filled with narrative stories to challenge our thoughts on current events through the paradigm of faith. Be sure to stop by Amazon and check it out. I think it’s already set up for pre-orders. CLICK HERE

The New Frontier of E-Books
I’ve written about a dozen various types of books and kept them on my computer for a later date. Sometimes you just gotta wait on the right time. Well, I’ve just found an awesome piece of software that allows me to write interactive e-books I can upload to amazon or iTunes books.

My first release will be around the end of January on Prayer.

I’ve wanted to write about prayer for a long time, because I just didn’t feel like I “got it.” I grew up in a Christian home, and we prayed a lot at school, in youth group, and at church; but I’ve never really gotten into it.

Prayer has been one of those things you just do because you’re supposed to, and I’ve never felt like my words ever went anywhere. I watched so many pastors pray at the pulpit and with my eyes open I wondered if it really made any difference.

I’ve prayed for sick people, they didn’t get healed.
I’ve prayed for businesses that failed and never reouperated.
I’ve prayed for family memebers, and watched them go off the reservation.
I’ve prayed for marriages and watched them fall apart.
So what is prayer all about?

In my new e-book, I’ve got some interesting stories, and quite a few nonconventional ways of prayer that ended up making more sense. So you can join me on my prayer journey if you’d like. Be looking for that one!!

A Novel?

I’ve never written a novel. I’ve explored short stories before, but I’m interested in trying to tell an intriguing story over a LONG period of time. So I’m just in the initial phases, but you’ll be happy to know it’s a story of love, intrigue, mystery, terror, faith clashes, and government corruption. Sounds fun, right?

We’ll see.

This is the biggest stretch for me this year. I’ll have to really dedicate some thought and time to this one, and of the three goals in writing; this one is the most risky for me.

I’ve got a pretty good track record for my other books, but I’ve never done a novel before. So what if no one likes it? What if no one reads it? What if they hate it? That’s what I’m feeling anyway.

So there you have it. Goals are only ideas, unless you write them down and share them. So there are my 2015 writing goals. I would appreciate any support along the way, and know I’ll share as much as I can on this creative road.

Let me know what you think

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