You’ve got a clean slate. A brand New Year.  What a great time to focus, and recognize those things about yourself that you’ve always wanted to see.  Sometimes we call them goals, sometimes we call them resolutions; but today, I want to spend some time challenging myself and the readers here to think about generating new ideas that may last longer than the traditional week or weeks associated with New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s a few thoughts.

1.)  This year I want to deepen my love of faith

Growing up in a Christian Home, graduating from a Christian school, and being authoring faith books, I’m always interested in deepening my own faith journey.  This year, I’m excited to extend my faith journey in 2015, and continue to learn of other stories of faith.  Last year, we started exchanging ideas with the local Atheist group in town, and I want to commit to learning and being with people of different faiths (or non-faiths as the term may imply).  I’ve got several Muslim friends who I deeply care about and walk through life with.  I want to commit to deepen my understanding of my friends faith, and walk with them as they deepen theirs.

2.)  I want to love my neighbor better

It’s pretty easy for me to love my neighbor who lives overseas.  I can do that well.  But much of the time, I need not look overseas for someone to love as much as I need to focus inside my own house.  I want to learn to love my wife and kids better this year.  I’ve got several goals to give this some teeth, but for now, I’ll just share, I want to do better.

3.)  I’m excited to write more

I’ve been working on e-books for the last five years, never really feeling comfortable with the end products.  So I have a dozen or so e-book projects I’m going to start producing.  The first one is on prayer, and I’m wrapping that one up in the next few weeks.  I’d love for you to check those out when they are published.  I’ll be sure to keep them well under the prices you can get from your local book store.

4.)  I’m spending time working on KIVU, the summer camp and The KIVU Gap Year

I truly believe we’ve been given a tool to change a generation.  Leadership development, mentorship, and global challenge has been a difference between our programs and others around the country.  I’m excited to finish the global semester this year with The KIVU Gap Year, work to continue our Summer Program in Colorado, and open new venues for the next Gap Year class.  We’ve got some REALLY interesting opportunities in 2015.

5.)  Two books a week

I used to read like it was going out of style, but for some reason my reading has taken a back seat to my production schedule.  I’m going back to my earlier commitment to reading two books a week, and working on my intellectual mentorship.  Get ready for some book reviews coming down the pike.  I’m excited for this one.

6.)  Mentoring

I want to actively mentor a group of young men this year.  I’m praying for the right guys to come into my sphere of influence.  More on this one to come.

7.)  I’m committing to health 

I’ve been working on learning how to eat and fuel my body for my long road bike rides, and I feel like I have them dialed in.  After experimenting for the last few months, I think I’ve got a good program heading into 2015, and may emerge from my racing retirement and see what this year brings.  Health isn’t an option.  Remember, what we do in our 30’s plays out in our 40’s.  What we do in our 40’s plays out in our 50’s and so on.  Don’t get caught putting health on the sidelines.

Overall, I’ve got some real specific 2015 goals.  I’d be interested in sharing, but I’d love to do it together.  Here are my top 7.  What are some that you’re focused on this year?


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